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About Nobel Foods

Nobel Foods is a company specialized in the import and distribution of international food and cosmetic products. We import directly from Africa, Asia, America and Europe, and we distribute nationally and internationally, moving food from all over the world to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. Our team is made up of more than 50 people in Spain with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​and four commercial delegations: Valencia, Almería, Murcia and the Basque Country.

We have been working in the food sector since 1997 and we represent the main exotic and international food brands in the market such as Nestlé, Aroy-D, Guinness, FOCO, Lipton or Jumbo. Brands with a strong local presence in countries in Africa or Asia and thanks to our strong logistics system we can offer global food to practically all countries in the world. We work hand by hand with the main brands in the sector, also having a portfolio of our own brands produced internationally so that food preserves the flavor and essence of the country of origin. Some of our brands are: Halah, Tiga Dèguè, LP African Foods, King Africa, Kumba, Safna or The Elements among others.

A catalog with more than 1300 food references

Present in more than 15 European countries and more than 10 international countries

With more than 3000 national clients and 500 international clients

With more than 25 years of experience

We distribute products from leading brands and private labels

Multidisciplinary team specialized in the sector

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